About IPP


We are proud to be a global biopharmaceutical company that is dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative natural medicines.


Our global footprint and best in class research teams from around the world work in collaboration and partnership to achieve accelerated, inclusive outcomes for the next level of natural pharmacology and human wellness.


For centuries, cultures around the world have used various plants and foods as medicines to treat ailments and restore health. Sadly, we are losing many of these resources, along with their pre-existing knowledge and wisdom.


We believe that Mother Nature already provides the codes we need to reverse engineer and mitigate even our most modern health challenges, safely and naturally.


The time is now to boldly change what is not working in medicine and lead with new pharmacological prototypes born from the dedicated chemistry of natural products and new drug delivery systems.


Our primary focus is the discovery and development of natural products with novel modes of action that have the potential to modernize existing treatment paradigms for inflammation related diseases and conditions.


Our pipeline is comprised of natural product studies and discovery programs targeting inflammation, pain, auto-immune diseases and PTSD/depression.


Our mission is to develop natural drug solutions that restore balance and health, addressing diseases head on rather than helping to mask symptoms. We are developing first-in-class OTC and pharmaceutical medicines based on our discoveries and patents.


IPP has established global research partnerships with leading universities, and has established teams and operations in Hawaii and the United Kingdom.


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